Frequently Asked Questions

Learn the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions and find out more about granite, marble and other products we provide...


Why is granite the most preferred type of stone for countertops?

  • Granite is the number one choice for countertops for the majority of our customers. The reason for that is because granite remains to be one of the most durable and heat/scratch resistant stones that can be processed. Granite surfaces are extremely hard to scratch or stain and they also are easy to care for. All you have to do is to have the countertop sealed every 1-2 years! Another advantage of granite would be the fact that there are thousands of different colors and patterns from which to choose. Granite is the nature’s way of providing us with samples that fit every taste and every home.

What about marble? Can marble be used in a kitchen?

  • Yes, marble can be used in a kitchen as a countertop. However, marble can stain more easily compared to granite since it is very sensitive and reactive to acids that can be commonly found in a kitchen--such as orange juice, vinegar, and lemon juice. In the long run, marble will lose its shine and stain compared to granite.

What exactly is your role in the process of getting my kitchen/bathroom done?

  • We are a wholesale distributor and we carry/display more than 150 different kinds of natural stones in our showroom. Your fabricator on the other hand has a limited inventory; much of which was sourced from a distributor like Stone and Tile Expo. The fabricators focus on cutting and installing, whereas Stone and Tile Expo specializes in import management; finding precious and exotic stones from all over the world and bringing them to our customers.


    Once directed by your fabricator, you simply walk into our showroom, take a look at our inventory, choose the granite you want installed in your house. Once you finalize your decision, we deliver the stone to your fabricator and they take over from there.

Do I need to make an appointment to come see your inventory?

  • You don’t need to make an appointment to come and look at our stones. The only time when an appointment is necessary is when we need to move stone slabs for you.

What about pricing?

  • As a distributor, we can not give you pricing for the stones in our showroom. We deal directly with the fabricators, and the fabricators pass the price on to you. What we can do is let customers know in which level/grade a specific stone belongs. In other words, we can tell you the price level of a stone, whether it is  A – high, B – medium, and C – low.

How long does it take for Stone and Tile Expo to deliver the slabs?

  • Usually we deliver the same or the next day after the fabricator purchases the slabs. We only deliver slabs to fabricators.

What about the names of the stones; are they the same for all?

  • There is variation in terms of names used to identify stones. Names change mainly because of differences in languages and difficulties in translation. There is also a tendency of some companies to change names in order to deem a stone as their ‘exclusive’ stone. We at Stone and Tile Expo recognize these changes and can work with you to clear up any confusion that might arise from these changes.

Where does granite and marble come from?

  • All granite and marble products we carry are 100% natural; they come from the earth itself. These rocks are millions of years old and they have solidified from magma under pressure. We import from Europe, South America, North America and Asia; Italy, Brazil and India are three of our greatest granite sources.

What are lots and bundles?

  • "Lots" are groups of slabs that are cut from the same block of stone. These slabs are almost identical to one another – keep in mind that each slab is unique no matter how great the similarities are. "Bundle" on the other hand, is a term used to describe quantity. Usually there are seven slabs in one bundle.

Do I have to have a fabricator before contacting Stone and Tile Expo?

  • Most of our customers are directed to Stone and Tile Expo by their fabricators. You don’t necessarily have to have a fabricator to come and visit us, however. We would be more than happy to help you with your questions about the procedure you should follow and provide you with a list of fabricators whom you can work with.

Can Stone and Tile Expo recommend a fabricator?

  • Since we work with many fabricators, we cannot recommend any one these fabricators to you. We can provide a list of all the fabricators that we work with, the final decision is completely up to you however.

Can I buy directly from Stone and Tile Expo?

  • You only can buy tiles from us. Other stones such as granite, marble, travertine and limestone are only sold to fabricators, designers, and architects.

How do I care for granite countertops?

  • Seal the countertops every 1-2 years depending on the usage and type of stone. You can also polish the countertops on a monthly basis, and use soap and water or a professional natural stone cleaner for daily use. Do not use abrasive materials or cleaners that contain ammonia to clean granite countertops.